Express Yourself. Or Die a Little Bit Every Day.

That’s a fact, my friends. You weren’t put here on this great earth to play it little.

A Monster Book. I’m in Heaven

Not much to say so I’ll let my first Youtube (and last) speak for itself… (Don’t worry, it’s short. The clip, not the book). Cheerio

I Lied. Details inside!

It’s time to get this off my chest. The time is now.


In a Rut? This One is for You

So me too. Rut all over the place. Rut galore, me. Queen ...

3/22/2016 – Terrorism. Read.

On September 11, 2001, the people of Belgium held hands, forming a ...

Your Surname. What’s the Deal with it?

Mine is Dixon. I’ve always digged it because it has an X ...

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Chin Up, Grasshopper

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Airline Seats and The Last Donut – What You Need to Know

 Airline seats should not recline. They just shouldn’t.  Because it never fails, when I’m crunched in my little tiny, inhumane seat, the person in front of me RECLINES in theirs, making me crunch into an even smaller unhappy ball.  I don’t like it, makes me twitchy. Yes, they have every right to recline in their seat, but that doesn’t mean they should.  […]

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Remember Planking –

All the rage. Why? Got me. But I bet you miss it.

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Johnny Depp Hostage Video

From our pals in Australia.  Johnny Depp, under duress.  Or sleep deprived, coin toss.

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For My Fellow Beloved Nerds.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. 

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Blink. Blink. Blink. Click. Click. Click.

All I need is that dreadful Sarah Mclaughlin song….

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A Penguin and His Human

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Take a Moment to Say Thank You

This post is for the vets. I have some in my family, maybe you do too. Even if you don’t, please take just a moment to read…

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If it’s Monday, Click Here…

Trust me. You need this…

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In a Rut? This one is for YOU

So me too. Rut all over the place. Rut galore, me.

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60 Seconds with Big Minds

So one of the favorite parts of working at a university is being surrounded by so many big, fat minds.

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As Father Time Bulldozes Through What Remains of the Year…

Isn’t that what it feels like or is it just me.  Anyway, a thought for you….

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That Time of Year Is Here…

So I dig Christmas.  A whole lot….

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