Remember Planking –

All the rage. Why? Got me. But I bet you miss it.

If you are uninitiated, this is what you need to know.

1) Go somewhere

2) Lie face down, be very still, look as stupid as possible

3) Have your picture taken

4) Post it everywhere, especially Facebook.

5) Congrats, you are now cool.

I don’t have much room to judge…in high school, my friends use to lie in the middle of busy highways to see how long it would take before they were run over. RIP, class of ’86.

Everyone is planking, it’s all the rage.


Geniuses: wpid-article-1306324435593-0c42004600000578-425487_466x310

It went on and on.

And now it’s over.

Now we have twerking.

Yea.  So.

Don’t you miss planking now?

6 thoughts on “Remember Planking –

  1. More rules for planking: the face is supposed to be expressionless; arms at the sides and the fingers pointed down, the toes pointed as well. It’s hilarious. Maybe if I was younger I would try it, and I’d drag you with me 🙂


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