Smoking, it does a baby good

So I’ve got another tabloid outrage for you to outrage about. This one comes from The Daily Fail.

We have:

A scandalous picture:

And a scandalous quote:

I wasn’t ready to give up smoking. I think if I’d given up straight away, the stress would have been more harmful to the baby.

Scandalous Smoking Pregnant Mom is named Charlie Wilcox. She has since given birth to a non-smoking baby. 

Somehow this mess of a woman brings back memories of my old doctor.  Let’s call her Dr. Chimney. Dr. Chimney was a short Eastern European, to give you a visual, and smoked like a chimney.  I would drive up to her office and, 9 out of 10 times, would see her standing out front, nursing her addiction. She would always give me a semi-enthusiastic  (or was it guilty?) wave.  Better yet, Dr. Chimney was very droll and was constantly giving me questionable advice. 

AKA, when I started fattening up from my months-long chocolate bender, her solution was NOT to ‘eat less, exercise more’.  Nyet!  Dr. Chimney shrugged and advised me to “drink more milk.” See, Dr. C said I’m big-boned (no, I am not) and so…well, I don’t really get the connection but I’d rather drink more milk than exercise, this is true.

So I liked her. It was amazing having a doctor who gave me advice I could actually follow(in between her hacking, chronic cough).

Not sure my point here. Except that maybe Scandalous Smoking Pregnant Mom is a patient of Dr. Chimney?

Just thinking aloud…

Oh, and a video if you need more outrage:

2 thoughts on “Smoking, it does a baby good

  1. This woman is bonkers beyond belief. What more can anyone say. Is this Prenatal Child Abuse? Have to think that over..but my guess is that she’s just NOT a good mother..and that would be enough of an insult for me to give up the cigarettes. For to be considered a good mother to me would seem the ultimate compliment. I just don’t know….


    1. Agreed on all counts. The irnoic thing, for me, is I’m normally pro-smoker. Well, that sounds wonky but I’m not terribly PC and smoking is the ultimate un-pc thing one can do right now.

      But I’m with you, most definitely, that she is off-the-charts banana’s. Poor kid.


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