Airline Seats and The Last Donut – What You Need to Know

 Airline seats should not recline. They just shouldn’t.  Because it never fails, when I’m crunched in my little tiny, inhumane seat, the person in front of me RECLINES in theirs, making me crunch into an even smaller unhappy ball.  I don’t like it, makes me twitchy. Yes, they have every right to recline in their seat, but that doesn’t mean they should.  It’s a bit like the last donut in the box. Yes, you can take it. But you really should not.

Let me illustrate the dangers of what can happen when you recline in your seat. Recently a passenger on a United flight did the unspeakable and reclined his seat. This earned him a slap on the head from the passenger (otherwise known as My Hero) directly behind him.

The slap quickly turned into a crazy, full-on bitch slapping contest, with flight attendants and another passenger jumping into the fray.

Soon, more drama. The Air Force was called in, fighter jets scrambled and, well, I can’t remember the rest but it was insanity.

This is the part you need to know…It was crazytown, absolute crazy town, and it all began because a passenger reclined in his seat. 

When you are flying anywhere at anytime, do not recline your seat. Just sit there, all upright and miserable, like the rest of the captive passengers.

Please and thank you very much.

5 thoughts on “Airline Seats and The Last Donut – What You Need to Know

  1. My husband and I recently flew to the UK. On the outbound flight, the attendants were serving a meal. Just as I was about to be handed my gourmet delight, the passenger in front of me reclined his seat all the way back. I guess he wanted me to trim his hair. The flight attendant gently touched his shoulder and asked him to put his seat back up. That woman has a friend for life!

    Airline travel also forced me to make a wardrobe change several years ago. I stopped wearing underwire bras because I was sick to death of my underwear setting off the blasted metal detectors! Now in this day and age of TSA, I’m even more thankful for that change. On both outgoing and incoming flights we were both “randomly” selected to be groped. I’d hate to think what would’ve happened to me if my underwear had also set off their scanners. (I wonder if you can blog from prison?)


  2. i totally agree- and even if someone turns round and says” is it okay to recline?”- you cant really say no because they have the right to, its more like a statement disguised as a question!


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