More Proof Your Cell Phone is Trying to Kill You

I do hope you are not reading this on your cell phone right now. If you are, this woman:
says you might be deforming yourself. She is Kirsten Lord and she is the Managing Director of the Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre. Sounds so British-y!

Anyway, Kirsten worries that we (that includes you) are leaning over our phones/laptops/computers/ipods far too much.

And all that leaning is making us hunch-y. She tells The Daily Mail:

Our bodies are a product of what we do on a daily basis and the change in lifestyles is definitely changing our bodies.

If you’re constantly looking down, you develop a forward curvature that rounds the whole spine.

If that’s not clear to you, a forward curvature that rounds the whole spine is this:

Kirsten also had some very helpful advice but by then, I was far too freaked out by my growing, expanding spinal hump to read any further.

Yea, so there you go.

Anyway.  So I’m thinking of taking up Pilates….

Author: Patty Dixon

I think being kind is the greatest strength. Laugh, laugh a lot, laugh most of all at yourself. You aren't going to make it through without humor. Above all, I admire those who, somehow, manage to make the world a little nicer place. Cheers to you.

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