Get Sloshed While Getting Botoxed, Win win!

Come on, be honest.  Do you like to party the night away (because I have heard me some stories)? And do you sometimes think your nose is too big/too small/too whatever? And do you think that this woman:

Jocelyn Wildenstein = Gold standard in obtainable perfection*


Friday, June 24, at some hotel in London is the first ever My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Party.

From the event organizers:

Party the night away to the latest sounds from some of London’s Top Bands,  Prize Draw after Midnight. Top prize is a plastic surgery procedure. Runner UP Prizes: Fillers, Semi-permanent make-up, Teeth whitening, pole dancing lesson.

 So you can get that nose fixed and learn how to pole dance, how totally awesome and convenient. This event has caused quite the controversy in London, mainly by ugly, bitter people. Well, and some medical professionals who are all pissy.  Because, you know, plastic surgery shouldn’t technically be a “prize”. It’s basically real surgery, technically speaking.

 Just a big fat whatever to that.

Anyway, so there’s just a little bit of major insanity from across the pond for you.  Oh, and if you do go*, make sure to check your self-esteem in at the front door.

*Therapy = Not a Terrible Idea

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