Let’s Not Go Take a Hike! (Or Why Clothes are Your Friend)

The people of Arizona love to hike. Love it. My fellow zonies are into it BIG. 

As such, I get asked regularly if I want to “go hiking”. Of course I do not. It’s far too much like exercise, this hiking.

I really rather totally hate it, actually.

Which is why an article recently caught my eye.  Time magazine wrote about a new hiking trend…. 

Nude Hiking

I could post scary, graphic pictures here of nude hikers but, because I like you, I will not. Suffice to say that the people who love to be nude are the same ones you would love if they went ahead and kept their clothes on.

But why hike in the nude?

It allows “bodily freedom” and “fills you with happiness”.  Nude Hiking Enthusiast

I have no idea what that means either. But I’m pretty confident this bodily freedom trend will never gain traction in Arizona.

AKA, the below:


I could end with a story about the last time I actually went hiking…when I was a child and had no choice in the matter and ended up having an encounter (if you will) with a cactus….the whole thing was very ouchie and uncivil and, have I mentioned, I am not a fan of hiking?

To each their own but, for me, I do love not hiking, love it so very, very much.

One thought on “Let’s Not Go Take a Hike! (Or Why Clothes are Your Friend)

  1. Patty,

    You don’t have to like hiking. I remember the jumping cholla you encountered years ago. I’m sure there are photos around…
    But, I can’t believe the date you chose to write an anti-hiking blog?! (tear drop…)


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