What to Do When Stranded at an Airport (Hint: Free Booze)

Soon I will be traveling. So, naturally, the news is plastered with horrifying traveling mishaps.

Horrifying Mishap #1
It comes from Dallas Fort Worth Airport. 


Someone named Larry Chen, and Larry Chen’s friend, became stranded at DFWA (as is prone to happen). To entertain themselves in the nearly empty airport, Larry and his friend (who, yes, has a name but I’m too lazy to look up) drank beer from the deserted bar, banged on airport computers, did lots of hand stands everywhere and just generally ran totally amok.

You know, I suppose this isn’t so much horrifying as it is totally awesome.  Nevermind.

Horrifying Mishap #21
United Airlines, Friday night.  An internal computer crash grounded thousands of United passengers for five hours. Doesn’t sound so horrid? Let me give you perspective.

Five Hours in an Airport = Five Hours in a Dentist Chair
It’s precisely like that. 

Anyway, nobody seems to know the cause of this mishap but here’s some spokesman-ease:

While we will be experiencing some residual effect on our flight operations throughout the weekend, United is committed to restoring normal operations as soon as possible. 

 And THIS is what residual effect looks like………. 

Stranded Cleveland Mon Amour, a photo by Flavio@Flickr on Flickr.
Very human-like, no?

Anyway, a passenger described his residual-y existence this way:

“Workers were trying to answer questions. They have no ability to do anything manually. They can’t check baggage. You can’t get baggage. You are really stuck.”


There will be, of course, even more and more mishaps as I inch closer and closer to my own airline travel.  It will be a giant pile-on of psychological torture.

It’s just the natural order of things.  

Sorta, like flying birds.

Wonder how I can hitch a ride with one of them, hmm….

soft_clouds_fast_birds, a photo by Gladney Flatt1 on Flickr


3 thoughts on “What to Do When Stranded at an Airport (Hint: Free Booze)

  1. Plane rides are scary for me no matter what – it still takes guts to get on a plane. My uncle is was a plane mechanic for a well-known airline and after all of the things he told me, I am scared to fly.. He said the airlines were making many cuts on maintenance. i said what? Wouldnt’ that be the last thing they would make budget cuts on – maintenance? Apparently not!


  2. Yes! Drunk pilots, near-misses, passengers trying to rip off the doors mid flight, etc and etc. Let’s just become alcoholics, there’s no other clear solution

    Oh, and so nice to see you here. :):)


  3. Another plane story went out today! I am scared too because I got off a flight a week ago and in Aug I go at it again! I’ll be traveling for the next year frequently and seeing all this has scared the living daylights out of me!! I was noticing all of this too!


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