Boozers! This One’s for You…

Via TheCulinaryGeek

A Pina Colada should help kick of the weekend(so close, so very close). Rum, pineapple juice, cocunut, little umbrella and cherry on top.

Fun Fact! Pina Colada is the official beverage of Puerto Rico.

Wonder what the weather is like in Puerto Rico right now….

Author: Patty Dixon

I think being kind is the greatest strength. Laugh, laugh a lot, laugh most of all at yourself. You aren't going to make it through without humor. Above all, I admire those who, somehow, manage to make the world a little nicer place. Cheers to you.

2 thoughts on “Boozers! This One’s for You…”

  1. there is little summer here to talk of, but the month is July so technically that is summer so that means drinking a ridiculous amount of cocktails is allowed! 🙂


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