Penny For Your Thoughts ~ Casey Anthony Trial

Sad, sad, sad, sad, and some more sad. 

The scales of justice by James Cridland
The scales of justice, a photo by James Cridland on Flickr.

One thought on “Penny For Your Thoughts ~ Casey Anthony Trial

  1. Sorry, Patty. I don’t do polls if I don’t know the issue well enough. I avoided watching this trial on purpose, because I could see from the start it would be another distorted, over-hyped media freak show. That was immediately obvious because it concerned attractive young people – the typical TVQ casting choice for trial coverage (Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Smart, Jonbenet Ramsey, Lauren Astley etc. etc.) On network TV, trials about average-looking or God forbid ugly people are not allowed. Nobody seriously poor either, though the majority of trials and tragedies in reality happen to minorities and poor people who are averagely obese and poorly-dressed. Note what people look like on the various Judge Whoever shows. Though they are limited to civil cases, that’s the real look of felony crime too.

    Having been up for jury duty many times, I know the lawyers prefer idiots. They don’t want people who read, or who think, or who can form their own opinions. They pick sheep. I finally got picked once I began giving monosyllabic answers, ending with “Yes, sir” or “Yes, m’am,” Tragic.


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