Super God Olympiad of the Day

USA Women’s Gym Team!  Why? Because they made history, that’s why.

Fun Facts
  • First Team Gold in 16 years, woot!
  • The five are being dubbed “America’s Sweethearts’ and “The Fab Five.” And “totally freaking amazing”. (Ed Note: Last one, mine. But they are, no arguing with me.) 
  • This might surprise you, but the Fab Five have five individual names.  

    Gabby Doublas

    McKayla Maroney

    Kyla Ross

    Jordyn Wieber 

    Aly Raisman

    Are those some kind of superhero names or what!

    So here is WonderGirl McKayla Maroney, doing her major, insane crazy magic last night.

    Via AP

    These amazing women are fit and dedicated and talented and, like, 15 years old and, yea…A lot of stuff I am not nor ever have been….so…yea….

    You know, for unrelated/inexplicable reasons, I’m suddenly reminded of a Stuart Smalley quote:

    “I’m gonna die homeless and penniless and twenty pounds overweight.”

    Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “Super God Olympiad of the Day

      1. It’s their pinched constipated faces, their microsecond fake hugs, the way they strut in
        I know I’m the only one who doesn’t love these perfect little girls
        Maybe I’m having high school loser flashbacks
        Don’t know just don’t like ’em


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