Albino Rhino’s FTW

Need your faith in humanity restored? Me too. Let’s start here…

I could start by dumping a bunch of revolting stats (or, worse, post poaching photo’s) on you about the rhino trade but that would require me doing a google search and I seriously can’t stomach the results.

Plus I hate that type of politicizing. So I apologize for even putting the thought in your head. Let’s move on.  This is about feeling good about humanity, not crummy.

So how do you combat these ruthless poachers?
Here’s one way:

World Press Photo Winner 2012

How about armed guards? Yea, these men are guarding the rhino FROM poachers. Because it is one of only eight of these kind of rhino’s left in the world. Eight. The WWF reports this species, the Northern White Rhino, is now extinct in the wild.

Enter the Ol Pejeta Conservancy a huge, 9,000 acre non-profit sanctuary in Kenya. It’s pretty mind boggling when you learn that not only do they have armed patrols, but they also utilize tracking dogs and aircraft to protect these magnificent animals.

So they can live in relative peace and do what rhino’s do.

Be awesome.

Thanks to some awesome humans.

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