Kittens, They Can Happen to Anyone

What is it about a kitten in a bowtie that turns you into so much mush…


I know what just happened to you right now.


It’s okay.
We all did.
You are human, fallible, flesh and blood.

Kittens = Kryptonite

Kittens in Bowties = Lethal

I think of my own kitten at home, Maddie. Well, she’s not quite a kitten. She’s post-kitten. But maturity-wise, major KITTEN. She spends her nights attacking me, stalking me, harrassing me. I reward her by feeding her. It’s messed up.

Let me close with a quote:

Kittens can happen to anyone.
Paul Gallico

Enjoy your day. And your kittens. 😉

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