Fish Lips vs. Soccer Mom

One thing I never realized when I was a shiny young pup of the world is that people who are..well, of a mature age think just like you and I do.

In other words, old people are human!

Yes, you are absolutely right. This isn’t a newsflash. Took me some time to figure this one out. Basically it took me becoming an old person to figure this one out.

Soccer moms. I assumed soccer moms loved their soccer mommy-ness. Lurved it! And, hey, why shouldn’t they. Soccermoms are, as you know, awesome. I love soccermoms, freaking flipping adore them. Which is why I am a-okay that I have suddenly morphed into one.

You know, it’s those days when you feel a wee bit puffy.
Your hair is shapeless and mousy.
Your body, a potato sack.

The consequence of letting your gym membership expire.

You just reach an age in life, my young little pups, when you can’t let things slip.

Well, okay, wait. Stop. Yes, actually can let things “slip”, of course you can. Because life isn’t a beauty pageant. The alternative, fighting aging, tooth and nail, exercising obsessively, drinking kitten blood, becoming an eating disordered lollipop head and living for your botox and facial appointments is…pitiful.

AKA Not a Great Idea.

What aging requires is a mix of grace, acceptance and perhaps a bit of healthy maintenance.

Hang on to that great health you still have. Cherish it, seriously, cherish it! Exercise that body, take a walk around the block after dinner, do some yoga or Pilates. Learn to quiet your mind, meditate, go inward. Being strong mentally is just as important as physically.

Bottomline: Life isn’t about reaching the end and having big fake fish lips and chicken thighs. If that’s the best you can do, you aren’t getting it, grasshopper.

Here’s someone who is a nice balance, I do beleve:

Kim Cattrall. Don’t know her age, don’t care.
Point, she’s not 20 and isn’t trying to be.

Why not enter this new stage in life and embrace all the gifts that come with it. Wisdom, comfort in your own skin, confidence in knowing who you are and not really giving a proper poop if some days you look not quite your best. Because life is really much more than that.

Why would anyone deny themselves that.

I don’t. I won’t. Because I’m getting it. Finally.

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