So. I Have Just Added This To My Bucket List…

Clicky clicky to see inside!

wagons down sidewalk

Because it accomplishes TWO IMPORTANT THINGS:

1) I get to be a rebel.

2) I get to have (judging from her maniacal expression) crazy amounts of fun.

It’s perfection. It’s art. And something I didn’t even know I wanted to do until the sign stirred something inside me. Of course, I have no idea where this is located so that could be a problem.

I might then do the only reasonable thing:
1. Make my own sign
2. Post it
3. Buy a red wagon
4. Dye my hair red (because it hasn’t been through enough abuse)
5. Put it in braids, add stupid little bows on the end
6. Go barreling up and down my street

So, there you go! If you live near me, now you’ll know why. I’m fulfilling a dream, no reason to chase me or call the authorities or otherwise go all weird on me.

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