Not the president.

But the man.

jackie John Kennedy
John and Jackie Kennedy, 1950’s
Kennedy with Caroline
Kennedy with Caroline

As we crept slowly towards the 50th anniversary of his assassination, I wanted to focus on the man, not the President.

Nothing fancy.

No conspiracies.

No detailed analysis.

Just pictures that shows a person, not a politician, not a myth, not a legacy. I’m adding every day to this post, hopefully to show something a little bit different than the rest.

Because, in the end. That’s enough. For me.

Sailing in Hyannis Port
john and john
JFK with son, John

Kennedy Jacques Lowe John Jacqueline Caroline Jr. assassination

Simply a man.
Simply a man.

Author: Patty Dixon

I think being kind is the greatest strength. Laugh, laugh a lot, laugh most of all at yourself. You aren't going to make it through without humor. Above all, I admire those who, somehow, manage to make the world a little nicer place. Cheers to you.

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