That Time of Year Is Here…

So I dig Christmas.  A whole lot….

Right now it is exactly four days before Thanksgiving on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thanksgiving is, of course, another wonderful holiday and all that.  Love it. Love the turkey. Love binging myself into a coma.

But I am already in Christmas land.

This is Maddie. The Cat.

What’s not to like about Christmas. Sending cards, baking cookies, wrapping presents. And the decorations. Even the process of unpacking the decorations is (generally) so fun, so family. Cathartic even. Especially with my cat, Maddie, on hand to claw/swipe/tackle me at every turn.

Actually, that’s not fun. I’ve barely emptied the first box before she jumped in and dared me to come just a little bit closer.

Maddie = Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighter


Wait, lookie here—————————–>

One of my favorite nutcrakers.
The only female I have, fabulously decked out in leopard.

Maddie is loving knocking her off her pedestal.



So, yea, this isn’t going well. At all. Which is why I felt compelled to blog about it in the first place.

I’m distracting myself from the mayhem behind me. Oh!

Did you notice the little hat I drew on little Maddie’s head?!


Ha, so cute! Another distraction!

If I just focus on the little letters on the screen, it’s like all that horrible destruction going on behind me isn’t really happening.

What sound? Didn’t hear a thing.

Also, I’m bleeding.

So, Christmas. Yaaaaaay. It’s never too early for a bit of eggnog.  Merry Christmas.

eggnog by izik

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