Your Surname. What’s the Deal with it?

Mine is Dixon. I’ve always digged it because it has an X in it. X is a highly cool letter, can’t deny.

I could probably put 2 and 2 and figure out, once upon a time, there was someone named Richard (much nicer than Dick, no?) and he had a son. Dick’s Son. And, viola! Here we all are.

A serf, I bet he was a serf. Like me, I’m totally a serf (more later). Anyway, I picture Mr. First Ever Dixon looking much like so:



Pretty dang snazzy there, ancestor o’ mine.




I invented all of this in my strange head, based on nothing like facts.

Here’s the important part. Pay attention.

Now you can research it, not on guesses, but with facts and important things like that:

Forebears WebSite

Type in your name there, all self-explanatory. And learn, learn, learn.

So what did I learn?

  1. 306,457 really awesome people share my name. They are MY PEOPLE.
  2. It’s most common in the US and Jamaica. Cooooool. Or Ah sey one as my Dixon Jamaicans say. (I just googled that. Ah sey one. I’m going to start saying it because I’m a cool Jamaican now).
  3. It originated, shock, from someone name Richard who had a son and the Scotts got in there and made about a million variations of the name. Dickson, Dixson, Dixion, etc. I’m grateful for the Scots because they introduced the x. Long live Scottland!

I do believe you get the drift.

Oh, speaking of my serf background.

I don’t have one. But I would like to take up surfing (semantics) with these cool Dixon Jamaican’s.


I’m not a son, I do have an issue with that.  But I am happy to be a Dawta. That’s slang in Jamaican for daughter, fyi for you uncool Jamaican types.

Oh, before you rush off to do a surname search. I have nothing to do with it. Nada. I just stumbled across it, though it was cool, and here we all are.

Enjoy.  Walk good! (<—Slang for See you later.  I had no idea how cool I was. Jamaican with an x in my name and crazy, creative Scots created mayhem).




(Creative Common: All photo’s)



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