Blink. Blink. Blink. Click. Click. Click.

All I need is that dreadful Sarah Mclaughlin song….

Disclaimer. I loved that song at one time.  Until I started connecting it with sad, caged, abused animals staring at me. Now I go into fits (female hysteria, said the Victorian era) and sign over my paychecks to the ASPCA the INSTANT I hear it.  It’s the pavlov affect. And female hysteria. Not my fault.


But that’s not what this is about.

It’s all about, well, me.

<——-Blink. Blink. Blink.






Now wait a minute. Isn’t this interesting. Mid-post, I’ve got this far and now am shifting gears.  Here was the original intent.

I’m 7 clicks away from hitting a milestone on my blog. Then I realized something. I had to keep checking back to see what this all important milestone was.  (10,700 hits, fyi).

How important can it really be if I can’t even remember it.

So, despite the adorable kitten bait, forget the clicks. I’m honestly grateful for one person (not related or ME) to ever look at my blog.

Let’s end this way….


A cat soaring in air. Not abused, not caged, but soaring to the highest heights.

Cats. They ruled ancient Egypt, they rule the internet.

And, more importantly, thank YOU for reading my blog, today or ever.  You make me feel like soaring through the air too.  Grateful, bottom of my heart.

Happy Friday!



(Photo’s: Creative Commons)

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