I Lied. Details inside!

It’s time to get this off my chest. The time is now.

Did the hook grab you?

So today is National Pencil Day. Because, you must agree, we do not have enough days we recognize.  (National Pencil Day, waaaa?)



So pencils.

They played an oversided role in my childhood.

Because they had MY name on it.  Me Dixon.  So Kid Me Dixon saw my opportunity and exploited the living hell out of it. Told everyone that my family created this pencil. Every chance I could get.  

My defense? The obvious. I was provoked.

Provoking kid: “Hey, this is a Dixon pencil. Did you make this?”  Hahaha! They were always kidding.

I was not.  My story? There was a pencil factory. Behind our house.  I received all pencils for free (that’s some bragging rights, there).

The irritating brats never believed me.

Didn’t faze me in the least.

But it’s in the past. I’ve very adult-like now. Lots of adulting.



I don’t wave around pencils, hoping someone will comment on them.

Pitiful, no. God no.


(For the record, I’m holding a Dixon pencil in this picture. Let me know what questions you have.)






So welcome to National Pencil Day. I feel cleansed getting the lie no one believed off my chest.

Happy writing.


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