Johnny Depp Hostage Video

From our pals in Australia.  Johnny Depp, under duress.  Or sleep deprived, coin toss. No doubt you have seen it by now. “It” being


The details, let’s not rehash too much here. Who really cares. His wife brought in some dogs/creatures to Australia, it was illegal and, yadda, yadda, something, here’s their apology video to the court.

Johnny is an actor. A real one. Nominated three times for an Oscar. (I googled, Wikipedia, so FACT. Don’t argue).  The man is savvy.

Couldn’t he have turned on those acting skills just enough to make it believable? I’m 99% sure I could have come across with more sincerity and I am a pitiful liar. I get the giggles, I turn red, the whole thing goes straight to hell.

Mr. Three Times nominated, hoooowwwever….

Who knows.  Maybe he should take up sailing. Add some rum.

Better luck next time, old lad.  I’ll let Jack Sparrow can bottom line this:

“And that was without a single drop of rum.”

Maybe it’s better than I could do after all, nevermind.

Images: Creative Commons

Author: Patty Dixon

I think being kind is the greatest strength. Laugh, laugh a lot, laugh most of all at yourself. You aren't going to make it through without humor. Above all, I admire those who, somehow, manage to make the world a little nicer place. Cheers to you.

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