What is your Work Autograph?

So, right, we are talking work ethic. You know, I almost didn’t post this. I have such an aversion to coming across as “preachy.” Let’s make this short….

We’ve all taken over a new job and saw what a hot mess the previous employee had left behind for you. (Cool, thanks!)

Photo: (Flickr/Creative Commons photo)

On those days you have where you just have had it. Tired, overwhelmed, etc, you get the picture. Maybe this will help, it does me…..

Remember every single job you do, EVERY JOB, you leave your mark. You show how organized you were (or weren’t), how on top of things you were, how you treated those around you.

Nutshell, how much you cared.

You leave your autograph behind. Maybe corny but, since I don’t have pretty handwriting, I’d like my work autograph to reflect someone who truly cared about the job and that it was done well.

Food for thought, eh?

Photo: Creative Commons

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