Napa Fires…..Prayers and Getting Through It..

Not fun, eh? 

US-WILDFIRES-CALIFORNIAMy family is in Northern California with scary fast moving wild fires. In fact, mid-conversation with my sister, they suddenly had orders to evacuate.

As of mid-afternoon MST, 20,000 have been evacuated, 1,500 building destroyed, one fatality, it is an official state emergency. A breezy day, not helping anything, no. 

So how do you deal with it when loved ones are under threat and you are nowhere close? First give yourself a break.  If you need to leave wherever you are, leave.

But if you can make it through the day, give your employer/school/whatever your best but realize, too, you might have to take your pace a slower.

I find myself writing and re-writing sentences. 

Slow down, breathe, check in often and allow yourself to be human.

Good luck, kind wishes and blessings to all those facing similar situations.

People Not Things.


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