Not Everyone is Awesome. How to Deal.

hqdefaultBoom!  Ready? Not everyone likes you. Right, we’ve all heard it. But here’s what to do about it….

My Plan of Action

1. Reach out, get to know them (in a gentle, not-in-your-face YOU WILL LIKE ME way) and just see what happens. If there was ever a case for nothing to lose, THIS is it.

2. Perspective. The most beautiful words in the world. Because the truth lies here.

I don’t think it’s about “liking them”. It’s work style, it’s challenges in their life, and it’s people who just don’t connect with one another. And, let’s face it…maybe it’s just poor social skills. Theirs or….yea, ours.  We all our entitled to our  bad days but don’t take advantage of that loophole. We are human but there is always room for kindness and forgiveness, no?

So it just sometimes doesn’t work out. It didn’t work out in first grade when Susie pushed you (remember that?!), but, more so, rejection will always be something to grapple with, always will sting.

Nobody is universally adored. 

3. My opinion? The most important thing. Find your people, in life. Your tribe. The positive people that you relate to and will keep you going when you need AND visa versa. They are more important than you think.

They were to me. They ARE to me.





One thought on “Not Everyone is Awesome. How to Deal.

  1. Great article and you are absolutely right on with it. Not everyone is going to like you or some people are just not socialable. You can tell who the people you connect with are. The ones that lift you up when you need it, the ones that will be honest with you also when you need it. Keep smiling and continue to treat people the way you would like to be treated.

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