Etchings on the Heart, Not on a Tomb

Hello good people! I always say I’m going to make this quick but you might want to put your feet up (or run away while you can)….

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Not Everyone is Awesome. How to Deal.

Boom!  Ready? Not everyone likes you. Right, we’ve all heard it. But here’s what to do about it….

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What is your Work Autograph?

So, right, we are talking work ethic. You know, I almost didn’t post this. I have such an aversion to coming across as “preachy.” Let’s make this short….

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Express Yourself. Or Die a Little Bit Every Day.

That’s a fact, my friends. You weren’t put here on this great earth to play it little.

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A Monster Book. I’m in Heaven

Not much to say so I’ll let my first Youtube (and last) speak for itself… (Don’t worry, it’s short. The clip, not the book). Cheerio

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I Lied. Details inside!

It’s time to get this off my chest. The time is now.

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For My Fellow Beloved Nerds.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. 

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Blink. Blink. Blink. Click. Click. Click.

All I need is that dreadful Sarah Mclaughlin song….

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