In a Rut? This One is for You

So me too. Rut all over the place. Rut galore, me. Queen Rutella (not to be confused with Nutella. Which I’m also queen of. Nummy, man, amirite.)

Just get out of it. You aren’t a victim, you aren’t a prisoner. Whatever is going on, and if it’s truly a negative situation, get. out. You won’t regret it.

There’s a spark that happens when you make that change, a boldness in your courage that will make you feel like you can move mountains. I mean, really BIG ASS mountains. Who knows whether it will work out or not. That’s risk, make great pals with it. Because either way, you will be free from a rotten situation and can start living again, freely, with purpose and freedom.

~Last thought then I’ll stop going full-on Ghandi~
My life has been blessed 10 times over since I took the leap (meh, let’s go with swan dive, it’s prettier), the swan dive into the unknown. It’s just downright insanity at this point. Coocoo! Every single day brings more good news, more unexpected positive changes AND good people that weren’t there before.

The whole universe will support you. I say God, you may say universe, but, whatever you want to call it, it is there and it has your back.

It’s waiting on you.

Find your door, walk through it.

I don’t know when I’ve been so happy, amazed, humbled.


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